Psychology and the paranormal

Is there? Here’s my take on it. 

Disclaimer: psychology and the paranormal are both subjects of interest to me, but I am not an expert in either field of study, so what is read in this blog post is my opinion.

It took me quite a while to realize some of the recurrent themes in the stories I write – whether already written, or in the works, or on the backburner. Not all of my stories are as follows, but they often touch on the subjects of mental illness and the paranormal. The paranormal aspects about them would typically either be subtle, suggestive, or a plot-twist setup, if not a straight up paranormal story. Meanwhile, what I tend to bring more to the forefront of these stories, are the psychological flaws or oddities of my characters and, more often than not, their state of being alone.

With this consistency of themes in my fictitious works, I saw a correlation between each element, so if I were to remove the psychological aspect from my paranormal story, it would be incomplete and meaningless. Then I began to wonder if the same rings true for reality in some way: is there a correlation between psychology and the paranormal, and if there is, what is it?

Let’s take a quick dip into the world of metaphysics:

Energy encompasses all things, from thoughts, emotions, personalities, the ambience of a setting… etc. The flow of energy is not to be excluded from the equation: the ambience of a setting can effect emotions, thoughts – even personalities to some extent – and vice versa. And what are the paranormal if not physical entities? I, for one, do not think that they are the spirits of the dead walking the earth. Instead, they can be thought of as beings of pure energy, that feed and breathe energy, and I refer to them as such. In this manner, and on a side note, it could mean that skeptics are often immune to experiencing the paranormal simply because they do not allow the energy to flow through them.

Now, let’s take a quick dip into the world of demonology:

The orthodox and widely adopted belief about demons are that they are vile presences with the objective to mislead humanity, right? So, what are their means of doing so? Yes, whispers, aka energy. Particularly, negative energy in the form of fear, anxiety, depression, self-loathing… etc. Not only do I mean it in the ‘self-destructive’ manner, though, as these can possibly lead to more damaging outcomes such as murder. Also, a demon’s ‘whisper’ often promises worldly gain from an evil deed. This is the ‘whisper’ that can be more damaging to humanity.

On another side note, I am not saying that all mental illnesses are definitely influenced by the paranormal, only that it could possibly play a role sometimes.

Us humans, being limited to five senses (or six, debatably), perceive these energies/demons/paranormalities by means of sight, hearing, touch and even smell (I haven’t yet heard of a paranormality experienced through taste, so I’m leaving the sense of taste out of the list). And these experiences are sometimes associated with a deep feeling of dread, sorrow, bewilderment… etc. So, you can then say that these beings exist within these frequencies, or vibrations. It is their version of perception, you could say, it is how they target their prey, how they find a ‘host’ in which they latch onto like parasites and manipulate the existing qualities, moods and thoughts of the said prey or host.

If it is a place that is the subject of a paranormal haunting, it would be because they are attracted to the darkness or the energy residue of its dreadful history, be it a case of murder or suicide in the past. Being entities that feed on and breathe negative vibes, this place will be where they will ‘hang their hats.’

If this theory sounds purely fictional, it is because it is literally what I do. I am a fiction author. Do check out my works! I thought this theory of mine makes a lot of sense, and if it is already an existing theory from another lad, I did not know. I did not consult Mr. google before writing this post. I did not intend to plagiarize. But I do hope you enjoyed the read.

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Thank you for reading this blog post by Talhah Fadzillah


a psychological horror novel by Talhah Fadzillah


a psychological horror novel by Talhah Fadzillah

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