“A thrilling read that will take your breath away. Hold on for the ride of your life.”

– Dr. Melissa Caudle, author of ‘The Keystroke Killer’ series


Talhah Fadzillah

Nolan Reed is a strange man to say the least. There are these butterflies living inside him, and they hustle and bustle endlessly in his tummy and head.

And then there’s Elin Erynnis, a colleague with a severe facial disfigurement which Nolan has an unhealthy obsession for. When she enters Nolan’s erratic life, they get off to a good start, but then he endeavours to uncover her mysterious circumstances, unveiling a broken, twisted and tragic past.

What secrets are derived from a relationship between two lonely souls? Does this winding path lead only to unnerving madness? What happens when the thoughts in your head begin to seep into reality? Nolan delves deep into the rabbit hole to find out for himself.

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Talhah Fadzillah

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Talhah Fadzillah

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